Hi my name is Louise Sarah Stokes and I am the proud owner of Preston's Pals Pet Care Services. I live in Whitwick, Coalville Leicestershire.  There are lots of walks around us for all the pooches to enjoy.


The idea for Preston's Pals came about when I needed to board Preston when I was going away on holiday abroad. I didn't like the idea of Preston being in a kennel for 8 days, being confined in any space is not his thing. I was worried that I would go on holiday and just worry about Preston. So I visited various kennels within a 30 mile radius of our home. Although the kennels were all up to standard, according to the Rules and Regulations within the Environmental Health Conditions for Animal Boarding Licences, they all seemed far too small to leave my Preston in for a week.  So ... I booked him into a dog hotel, it was nice and spacious and had a sofa and flat screen TV.  Just like home. It even had a hydro pool on site so he went swimming a few times during his stay.


Well I thought so... however Preston didn't share my enthusiasm. He ate the sofa and I was informed he was a bit more than a handful when I went to collect him. What I didn't think about was that when Preston was in his kennel on his own, he couldn't have his toys or bones, because unsupervised they are a chocking hazard.

Which explains the sofa... which also had to be removed because that then also became a chocking hazard.


I realised that it wasn't the lack space that Preston didn't like, it was being left on his own. He likes his home comforts and he likes to be able to lounge around where ever he wants, when hes wants, and to be able to go in the garden as and when he feels like it. He also likes to have some one around even if he's not in the same room as them.  He is a very calm relaxed dog that likes his routeen.  Bless him lol.


After speaking with various dog owners about my experience I realised I was not the only ones having these difficulties.


So when I took redundantcy in 2003 I decided to put my idea into reality.  I grew up with German Sheppard Dogs and owned, trained and showed them for many years. I love walking with them and spending time with them, this was a very exciting opportunity for me.  Preston loves the company of other dogs, which is why I chose to base my business around him.